Readable Design Documents

Anyone ever read branding guidelines? If you pasted someone else’s logo on your website or referenced a product by name, you should probably have read their branding guidelines.

Unfortunately, most branding guidelines comes in the form of multi-page PDFs that outline strict rules about where you can use their logo, how you can use their colours and who you can tattoo their motto on. From a legal department this is great. From a legal department.

Dropbox Logo & Branding

Refreshingly, Dropbox’s Logo & Branding guidelines are nice and simple. The website gets the point across with a great design, subtle humour and best of all a little wiggle room. Not everyone is a designer after all, sometimes you just want to tattoo Dropbox’s logo on your arm without a lot of hassle or research!

For often dry material, Dropbox kept me scrolling and I actually learned a thing or two. The defeated emoticon really sold it.



Sean Feil